Directional Valve Amplifier

Model: VI-VSPA1-1-1X Series -311008
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Product: Directional Valve Electrical Amplifier
Description: Used to control the proportional pressure control valve series without electrical displacement feedback, as well as all
Design series no.: 3X
Ordering code: VI-VSPA1-1-1X
Operation voltage: 24 VDC + 40 % - 20 %
Operation voltage max. / min.: 35 V/19 V
Voltage adjustment (U): ± 9 V ± 1%; ± 25mA with external load
Ramp time (Adjustment range): 30ms to about 1s or 5s (using switch S1.4 to switch)
Power consumption: Less than 45 VA
Current consumption: Less than 2 A


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Payment Terms:D/P, D/A, T/T, WUProduction Capacity:50000
Min. Order:50 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport:Express, Ocean, Air

Electrical amplifier for VI-VSPA1-1-1X series, working principle:

Rated working voltage of 24 VDC operating voltage range of 19 ~ 35VDC , terminal 24ac for the power supply positive terminal 18ac negative side for the power , the power supply with the wrong level protection ; the same time, the amplifier already contains a filter capacitor , so the external do not need to have received an additional filter capacitor

Setting value input:

Set value voltage can be directly connected to the settings, or after with the power supply adjusted +9 V external potentiometer access. For this input, the +9 V means +100% of the input value of 1).

Note: in the use of an external potentiometer or set value input to the input port, the internal potentiometer " Gw " must be raised to the maximum or transferred to a voltage value corresponding to the maximum pressure .

Set value 2 is a differential input (0 to +10 V). With DIP switch 2), can be converted to the current input (4 to 20 mA or 0 to +20 mA). If the settings provided by the external electric control part, and the reference potential (for example: from the PLC), you must use this input. It must be noted: when the set point voltage disconnect or connect the two signal lines must be the input port connected or disconnected.

Adder the sum of two settings and then input to the potentiometer on the front panel of the potentiometer adjustment, as an attenuator to limit the maximum input value.

Ramp time adjustment:

Followed by a ramp generator can be input step signal into a ramp output signal, Its time constant of the two potentiometers rising slope and down slope regulation. Given ramp time is based on 100% of the set point step basis, according to different settings of the jumper switches, about one second or five seconds.
If the ramp generator input is less than 100% of set value step attenuator work, the ramp time will be shortened accordingly.
The use of external pin ramp up / drop off " can be to ramp up and down time to adjust to a minimum (about 30ms).

Test port:

The ramp generator the output signal of the internal current settings using the front panel test jacks " W " can be measured its value size , + 6V equal to 100% of set value . By the actual current value of the coil through the front panel test jacks "I" measurement, where 1 mV is equivalent to 1 mA.

Characteristic curves adjustment:

Adder will set the value (according to the signal controlled valve is selected by DIP switch 2)) and the characteristic curve [6 or i7] output signal of the sum . Current output port through the current regulator control. In addition, the current regulator via a pulse generator signal (its frequency by various combinations of DIP switch programming adjustment 2) modulation current settings. Modulation signal of the solenoid valve, as a constant current and then superimposed a dither signal.

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