Electrical Proportional Amplifier

Model: VI 2000 Series -311001
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Product: Electrical Proportional Amplifier for Proportional Valves
Type: VI 2000 Series
Design series no.: 6X
Ordering code: VI2000-6X
Additional indicator: LED indicator
Operating voltage: 24 VDC + 40 % - 5 %
Power consumption: Less than 25 VA
Type of connection: 32 pin blade connector, DIN 41 612, form D
Permissible operating temperature range: 0 to 60 ℃
Storage temperature range: - 25 to 85 ℃


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Payment Terms:L/C, D/P, D/A, T/T, WUProduction Capacity:50000
Min. Order:50 Piece/Pieces
Means of Transport:Express, Ocean, Air

    Rated working voltage of 24 VDC operating voltage range of 19 to 35 VDC, terminal 24ac for the power supply positive terminal , 18ac for the power supply negative terminal .
Power supply with the wrong level protection ; the same time, the amplifier already contains. Filter capacitor , so the external do not need to have received an additional filter capacitor.

External command value feedforward:
Electrical Proportional Amplifier

Note: in the use of an external potentiometer or set the input to the input port
Value , the internal potentiometer " Gw "  must be raised to the maximum or tune
Voltage value corresponding to the desired maximum pressure .

Internal command value feedforward:

Electrical Proportional Amplifier

Differential input (input 2)

Electrical Proportional Amplifier

Set value 2 is a differential input (0 to +10 V) . If settings provided by the external electric control part , and the reference potential (eg: From the PLC ), you must use this input . Must be noted:
When the set value voltage disconnect or connect two signal lines must be the same
When the input port connected to or disconnected.

Two settings by the adder the sum , and then input to the potentiometer on the front panel of the potentiometer adjustment , as attenuator to limit the maximum input value .

Ramp time adjustment:

Electrical Proportional Amplifier

Followed by a ramp generator to step input signals into ramp output signal . Its time constant can be two potential scoring. Do not adjust the slope rise and fall slopes . Given slope time is 100% of the setpoint step basis , and according to the jumper settings were approximately one second or five seconds .
If the ramp generator input is less than 100% of set value order jump , or attenuator work, the ramp time will be reduced accordingly. The use of external pin " ramp up / drop off" can be oblique
Slope of the rise and fall time to adjust to a minimum (about 30ms ) .

Ramp generator the output signal of the internal current settings, obtaining the value of the size of the front panel test jacks " W " can be measured , + 6V the equivalent of 100% of set value . Another internal current settings
Value through the current regulator output to the current output port, electrical
Flow regulator generated by the circuit board potentiometer " Zw " bias signal is added to the ramp generator output signal , and then power flow signal through the pulse generator , modulation, modulation after the letter
Like with a dither signal DC signal acting on the electromagnet coil, the actual current value of the coil via the front panel test jack "I" measurement, where 1 mV is equivalent to 1 mA.

Electrical Proportional Amplifier    Electric Proportional Amplifiers

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